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  AtriCure Switch Matrix ASB3 - Brazil
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - Czech
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - Danish
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - Dutch
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - English
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - French
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - German
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - Italian
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - Portuguese
 Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU) - Spanish
 Ablation Switch Box (ASB3) - Japan
 ACM Exhaust Hose Connector
 ACM Exhaust Hose Connector IFU - Brazil
 ACM-V6 User Manual – Brazil
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Albanian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Bulgarian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Croatian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Czech
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Danish
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Estonian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Finnish
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Greek
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Hungarian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Icelandic
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Latvian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Lithuanian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Norwegian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Polish
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Romanian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Serbian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Slovak
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Slovenian
 ASB3 Package Insert IFU, Swedish
 ASCS (450 mm) Cart - Brazil
 ASCS Tank Hose Subassembly Cart Attachment Instructions - Brazil
 ASU Operator Manual SW V3.11, Danish
 ASU Operator Manual SW V3.11, French
 ASU Operator Manual SW V3.11, German
 ASU Operator Manual SW V3.11, Italian
 ASU Operator Manual SW V3.11, Portuguese
 ASU Operator Manual SW V3.11, Spanish
 ASU RoHS Manual - Albanian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Bulgarian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Croatian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Estonian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Finnish
 ASU RoHS Manual - Greek
 ASU RoHS Manual - Hungarian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Icelandic
 ASU RoHS Manual - Latvian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Lithuanian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Norwegian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Polish
 ASU RoHS Manual - Romanian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Serbian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Slovak
 ASU RoHS Manual - Slovenian
 ASU RoHS Manual - Swedish
 Chinese IFU for ASU3
 Chinese IFU for MAX3
 Chinese IFU for MID1/GPD1
 Chinese IFU for MLP1
 Chinese IFU for OLL2
 Chinese IFU for OSL2/EMR2/EML2
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Albanian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Bulgarian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Croatian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Czech
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Danish
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Dutch
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Estonian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Finnish
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - French
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - German
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Greek
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Hungarian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Icelandic
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Italian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Latvian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Lithuanian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Norwegian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Polish
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Portuguese
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Romanian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Russian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Serbian
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Slovak
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Slovene
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Spanish
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Swedish
 cryoICE BOX (ACM) - Turkish
 Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)
 External Graphic Display (EGD) Software (LPK-302)
 Ground Pad Adapter Cable Kit (CSK-2040)
 RF Generator (CSK-3000)
 Sensing Cable (CSK-2010)
 Sensing Cable (CSK-2030)
 Atricure® Synergy Access Surgical Ablation System EMT1 Instructions for Use
 COBRA Fusion Ablation System
 Coolrail Linear Pen (MCR1) - EU
 CRYO2/CRYO3 (Brazil Only)
 CRYOF (Brazil Only)
 cryoFORM Cryoablation Probe (CRYOF)
 cryoICE Cryoablation Probe (CRYO3, Korea only)
 CryoICE Cryoablation probe (CRYOA, Australia)
 CryoICE cryoablation probe (CRYOS, CRYOS-L)
 cryoICE Cryoablation Probes (CRYO2, CRYO3)
 Dissector (MID1, GPD1)
 EPi-Sense Guided Coagulation System with VisiTrax - IFU (EU)
 ICE AFIB Clinical Study IFU - CRYO2+
 Isolator Linear Pen (MLP1)
 Isolator Synergy Ablation System (Canada) (OLL2,OSL2)
 Isolator Synergy Ablation System (OLL2, OSL2, EMR2, EML2, Brazil Only)
 Isolator Synergy Ablation System (OLL2,OSL2,EMR2,EML2, EU)
 Isolator Synergy Ablation System (OLL2,OSL2,EMR2,EML2, Singapore only)
 Isolator Synergy Access Clamp (EMT1, EU)
 Isolator Transpolar Pen (MAX3, MAX5) - EU
 Isolator Transpolar Pen (MAX3, MAX5) - International
 MAX3 Isolator Transpolar pen - Brazil
 MID1 (Brazil Only)
 Numeris Tethered Coagulation Device (CDK-025)
 RF Coagulation Cable IFU (CSK-2000)
 Subtle Cannula with Guide
 Hercules 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm (401-161)
 Reusable Atrial Rake Accessory Attachments for Universal Stabilizer Arms
 Window Access Retractor SI System
 AtriClip FLEX•V Device (ACHV)
 AtriClip PRO Device (PRO)
 AtriClip PRO2 Device (PRO2)
 AtriClip PRO•V Device (PROV)
 AtriClip Selection Guide (CGG)
 AtriClip Standard and Long Device (ACH1, ACH2, LAA)
 Suture Catcher (340-7475)
 Tender LiV Care
 Tender LiV Care (TLC)
 FindrWIRZ Guide Wire System
 LARIAT Suture Delivery Device
 SofTIP Cannula
 SureCUT Suture Cutter
 TenSURE Suture Tightener
 AtriClip Patient Information Leaflet (Australia Only)

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