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cryoSPHERE+ Probe

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Product Features

  • Optimized time to therapeutic temperature 
  • Double wall vacuum insulation 
  • Bendable distal shaft 
  • 8mm ball tip
  • Active defrost
  • Available in 11” and 17” probe sizes

Cryo Nerve Block: A non-opioid solution for post-operative pain.

NOTE: The cryoSPHERE+ Probe is currently in an extended limited launch period, with full launch expected in the coming months.

Optimized Freeze Cycle

Optimizes time to temperature to reduce duration of freeze cycle.

Enhanced Safety

Double wall vacuum insulation protects shaft from reaching therapeutic temperatures, offering protection for adjacent tissue.


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Watch cryoSPHERE+ Probe in Use

See how the cryoSPHERE+ Probe is used in thoracic procedures.

Leveraging the Power of Cryotherapy

Freezes targeted nerves to temporarily block pain along peripheral nerve pathways

Applications in a Multitude of Procedures

Can be used in a variety of cardiothoracic procedures

Addresses Post-Operative and Transitional Pain

Delivers pain relief that can last for several months

  • CRYOSP (11")
  • CRYOSP-L (17")


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