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Sterilization Case

300-700: Instrument Sterilization Case
(20.5 x 10 x 4” tall)

300-720: Atrial Lift System Sterilization Case 
(24 x 10 x 3.5” tall)

Aortic Valve Rongeur

340-7450, Straight (3mm x 20cm) (AL1506.1)
340-7451, 30° Curve Up (3mm x 20cm) (AL1510.1)

Endoscopic Mini Blade Holder

340-7470 (AL0199.1)

Suture Catcher 25cm

340-7475 (HL1012.1)

Magnetic Probe

340-7480 (HL1018.1)

Blunt Vessel Hook

340-7484 (AL1108.1)

Nerve Hook

340-7485 (AL1106.1)

Ball Point Probe

340-7486 (AL1106.1F)

Static Knot Pusher 24cm

340-7495 (NL1016.1)

Flushing Adapter with Lock

340-7498 (CL8002.1)

Knot Pusher 25cm

340-7850 (AL8452.1)

Trans-Thoracic Aortic Cross Clamp

340-8230, 65mm (AL8230.12)
340-8250, 100mm (AL8240.12)


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