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EPi-Sense ST System

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Product Features

  • Deflection of distal tip +/- 30° degrees
  • Locking mechanism
  • Torqueability (1:1 rotation)
  • LED indicator light
  • 3 cm device electrode length
  • 2 distal and proximal sensing electrode pairs
  • Irrigation/perfusion lumen
  • Integrated suction 

The EPi-Sense ST System is indicated for the treatment of long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation.

Steering Lever

The steering lever allows the distal tip to deflect, allowing the operator to adjust the location of ablation coil.

Intuitive Handle

The intuitive handle design and braided shaft allow for fine rotational and controlled positioning of the ablation coil.


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See How the EPi-Sense ST Works

Consistent tissue contact leads to consistent energy transmission, resulting in complete lesions.

  • EPIST-30: 3 cm EPi-Sense ST Device
  • EPIST-PK: 3 cm EPi-Sense ST Device (No Cannula)