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History of AtriCure



  • Enable Medical founded

2000Three men and a pair of radio frequency energized surgical scissors

  • AtriCure established


  • AtriCure Bipolar Ablation System cleared
    • First-generation Isolator Clamp (LHP1) cleared


  • AtriCure Bipolar Ablation System released to market including second-generation Bipolar Ablation Clamp (LHP2) and second-generation Ablation Sensing Unit (ASU2)
  • AtriCure received its first CE Mark approval that included the Bipolar Ablation System
  • Washington University published the seminal paper on AtriCure’s Bipolar Radiofrequency Technology


  • Foundational patent 6,517,536 and 6,546,935 issued for “Device and Methods for Transmural Ablation”
  • First commercial sale that included the Bipolar Ablation Clamp


  • Lumitip™ Dissector released to market
  • First international sale that was sold to Belgium

2005AtriCure became publicly traded company on NASDAQ

  • Isolator® Transpolar™ Pen (MAX1) released to market
  • AtriCure listed on NASDAQ
  • AtriCure opened its European office in the Netherlands


  • Isolator® Transpolar™ Long Pen (MAX5) released to market
  • Isolator® Transpolar™ System released to market including the Isolator Clamps (OLL1, EMR1 and EML1)


  • AtriCure Synergy Bipolar Ablation System released to market including the Isolator Synergy Clamps (OLL2, OSL2, EMR2 and EML2) along with AtriCure Switch Matrix (ABS3)
  • First AtriClip device implanted
  • AtriCure entered the Cryosurgical market


  • Isolator Coolrail® Linear Pen released to market
  • ABLATE Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • EXCLUDE Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • Continued to grow international presence by selling products in over 25 countries


  • CRYO1 Cryoablation Probe released to market
  • ORLab® System released to market
  • DEEP (Hybrid) Clinical Trial enrollment initiated

2010AtriClip LAA Exclusion System was commercially available in US

  • AtriClip Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) Exclusion System released to market
    • AtriClip ACH1 device released to market
  • CRYO2 cryoICE® Cryoablation Probe released to market
  • Multifunctional Linear Pen released to market


  • AtriCure Cryo Module System released to market
  • Isolator Synergy System approved for treatment of persistent or long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation
  • Isolator Synergy Access Clamp released to market


  • AtriClip PRO® device released to market
  • DEEP (Staged) Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • Maze IV Training Program initiated
  • AtriCure hosted 25th Anniversary of the Cox Maze Procedure
  • Over 100,000 ablations performed


  • Established Professional Education Program
  • AtriCure expanded the Maze IV Training Program to Europe
  • AtriCure acquired Endoscopic Technologies, Inc. (Estech)


  • AtriClip FLEX device (ACH2) released to market
  • CRYO3 cryoICE Cryoablation Probe and AtriCure Cryo Module Version 6 (ACM V6) released to market
  • ABLATE-PAS Clinical Trial completes enrollment
  • DEEP (Pivotal) Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • Completed requirement to train U.S. surgeons on Synergy Clamp per FDA mandate
  • Minneapolis office opened
  • Over 150,000 ablations performed

2015Top 50 workplaces in 2015

  • cryoICE® probe made available for Cryo Nerve Block applications
  • CEASE-AF Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • Dr. James L. Cox American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) Fellowship Training Program established
  • Introduced Advanced Ablation weekend training courses
  • AtriCure acquired nContact Surgical, LLC.
  • Cincinnati headquarters earned “Top Workplaces 2015” designation
  • New headquarters opened in Mason, Ohio, near Cincinnati
  • 200,000 ablations performed and 50,000 AtriClip devices sold
  • Continued to grow international presence by selling products in over 50 countries


  • AtriClip PRO2® device released to market
  • cryoFORM® Probe released to market
  • ATLAS Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • FROST Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • Cincinnati headquarters earned “Top Workplaces 2016” designation
  • The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) 2017 Clinical Practice Guidelines recommend Afib ablation treatment
  • Gained approval for the AtriClip® products and cryoICE® platform in Japan


  • AtriClip PRO•V® device released to market
  • Introduced Nurse Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Course for Ablation and Left Atrial Appendage Management
  • Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) provide Class I recommendation
  • Over 250,000 ablations performed and surpassed 100,000 AtriClip devices sold worldwide


  • AtriClip® FLEX•V® released to market
  • CONVERGE IDE Clinical Trial completes enrollment
  • AtriCure and Baheal Group Establish Partnership and China Distribution Agreement
  • Cincinnati headquarters earned “Top Workplaces 2018” designation


  • cryoICE cryoSPHERE™ Probe released to market
  • Received expanded labeling claims for AtriClip devices
  • ICE-AFIB Clinical Trial enrollment initiated
  • First national Fellows Concomitant Ablation Training Course led by Northwestern Faculty Drs. McCarthy and Cox
  • AtriCure acquired SentreHEART, Inc.
  • Cincinnati headquarters earned “Top Workplaces 2019” designation
  • Facility expansions at headquarters and European location
  • The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) endorses AtriCure’s Advanced Ablation Courses in the United States
  • Over 2,500 healthcare professionals trained, more than 350,000 ablations performed, and surpassed 200,000 AtriClip devices sold worldwide


  • MO100000 marked the 100,000th production build
  • aMAZE Clinical Trial completes enrollment
  • Cincinnati headquarters earned “Top Workplaces 2020” designation along with its Minnetonka office being named a “2020 National Standard Top Workplace” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune


  • Received expanded labeling for Cryo Nerve Block Therapy
  • EPi-Sense® Guided Coagulation System approved for treatment of long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation
  • Cincinnati headquarters earned “Top Workplaces 2021” designation
  • AtriCure surpasses one million devices produced


  • Isolator® Synergy™ EnCompass® Clamp released to market