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cryoFORM Cryoablation Probe

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Product Features

  • Malleable Shaft
  • 10 cm Freeze Length
  • Active Defrost
  • Retractable Handle
  • Corrugated Probe
  • N2O Coolant 

The cryoFORM Cryoablation probe allows surgeons to easily shape and position the probe using endoscopic instruments.

Enhanced Flexibility

Increased probe flexibility with average bending forces up to 60° to adapt to a variety of surgical ablation procedures.

Consistent Freeze for a Uniform Lesion

Maintains a consistent freeze along the length of probe to achieve multiple necrosis. With multiple gas outlets, cryoFORM provides a uniform freeze.


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Fast Performance

Quick to achieve therapeutic temperatures and maintain consistent temperature along probe length.

Superior Science

Utilizes nitrous oxide, resulting in a higher heat absorption capacity than argon.

Innovative Ergonomics

Features retractable handle to expose the active probe length.

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The cryoICE cryoFORM cryoablation probe is indicated for use in the cryosurgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias by freezing target tissues, creating an inflammatory response (cryonecrosis) that blocks the electrical conduction pathway.