A Distinctive Approach to LAA Exclusion
AtriClip PRO•V
Helping Treat Patients with
Atrial Fibrillation (Afib)
33 million people worldwide suffer from Afib
Clinical Science
Flexibility Desired, Consistency Needed
probe in the cryoICE® system
Introducing the most flexible cryoablation
by physicians around the world
We have made surgeries like the Maze IV
simpler to perform and more reproducible
at the time of MVR, AVR, and CABG surgery.
updated to include concomitant treatment
of Afib as a Class I level of recommendation
Expert Consensus Statements
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Recent Activity
We’re spending National Engineers Week sharing our gratitude for the talented and hardworking members of our engineering team. Thanks for dedication and hard work!
February marks the beginning of the Heart Awareness Month. Spend a few minutes educating yourself on heart health. http://bit.ly/2npMczE
Our employees showed their support for women in their battles with heart disease during American Heart Association’s National Wear Red Day.
Will you ACT against Afib? With more than 33 million people suffering from Afib worldwide, this condition is not just an inconvenience - it’s a crisis. http://bit.ly/2rwLX6T
Our mission to improve lives doesn’t stop at country borders. Today is the first full year selling the AtriClip in Japan, and we’re planning for many more! http://bit.ly/2mQkGdU
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Today marks the close of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery’s 2018 DGTHG in Leipzig. We spent the week discussing the AtriClip PRO2™ device, the STS guideline’s inclusion of the treatment of Afib and the recently enhanced international-only AFConnect educational platform. Find out more at: www.afconnect.eu


Are you searching for a new career opportunity? We are currently seeking a Program Director - EU MDR within the Cincinnati office to be primarily responsible for interfacing with project stakeholders to achieve full compliance with the European Medical Device Regulation. Apply online at: http://bit.ly/2DwLNE1


As we enter National Engineers Week, we would like to send our appreciation to all our engineers that make our company’s progress toward innovation possible. Be sure to send your appreciation to the engineers in your network throughout the week as well!


Our Minneapolis office is searching for a new Senior Market Business Analyst to evaluate new markets and business opportunities across the globe. Interested in applying? Apply online by visiting: http://bit.ly/2EJ77pi


Afib is a serious condition. Take some time during Heart Awareness Month to learn more about Afib and its symptoms at: http://bit.ly/2xwCXSO


Our Cincinnati office is looking to add a Product Labeling Manager to its growing, talented team. The Product Labeling Manager will oversee and direct strategy for AtriCure product labeling, ensuring compliance with FDA, GMP, ISO and other applicable standards and regulations. Learn more about the position and apply online at: http://bit.ly/2mFKqeW


Today marks the end of our Global Sales Meeting, and we want to look back over the weekend full of hands on training and great discussions.


A world-renowned faculty, including Dr. James L. Cox, is gathering in Glasgow on March 15th to discuss
surgical treatment options for closed heart concomitant Afib surgery with the COBRA Fusion™ Surgical Ablation technology, as well as left atrial appendage management and provide hands on cadaver practice. In the EU, the COBRA Fusion device is approved for Afib Treatment. Register and find out more on www.afconnect.eu


More than 33 million people suffer from Afib, which is why ACT against Afib is important as it helps to encourage collaboration with cardiac surgeons and cardiologists when treating Afib. Learn more about ACT at: http://bit.ly/2g9kvfg


Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack can make a huge impact on your life should you or a loved one become affected. Learn more during Heart Awareness Month! http://bit.ly/2npMczE