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 ACM1 - CryoICE BOX (released 2022-03)
 ACM1/2 V5 - CryoICE BOX (released 2022-03)
 ACM1/2 V6.10 - CryoICE BOX (released 2022-03)
 ASB3 (RoHS) - Atricure Switch Matrix ASB3 (Released 2021-12)
 ASC0 - AtriCure ASCS Cart (Released 2020-10)
 ASCC2 - Fusion Cart (Released 2020-10)
 ASU Operator Manual SW V3.11, English
 ASU/ASB Quick Start Guide
 ASU2/ASB3 (RoHS) IFU English - Japan
 ASU2/ASU3-Non RoHS - AtriCure Ablation and Sensing Unit (Released 2022-09)
 Cardiac Cryosurgical System (ACC2)
 Cryo Accessory Kit
 Cryo Accessory Kit - Tank Heater
 Cryo User Guide
 cryoICE BOX V6 (ACM1-V6)
 cryoICE cryoSPHERE cryoablation probe, IFU
 CSK2010 - RF Cable Kit (Released 2021-08)
 CSK2040 - Ground Pad Adapter Cable (Released 2021-08)
 Cylinder Pressure Regulator
 Cylinder Pressure Temperature Display
 Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)
 EPi-Sense RF External Graphic Display
 MAG - Generator Unit (Released 2023-01)
 MAG Quick Reference Guide
 Oscor Pace 203 H
 RF Generator Operator Manual
 Sensing Cable (CSK-2030)
 System Cart - Assembly Instructions (ASCB2)
 700-001MI - COBRA Fusion Ablation System - (Released 2019-09)
 700-003 - Fusion Magnetic Retriever System (Released 2021-05)
 CDK-1413 - EpiSense Guided Coagulation System (Released 2022-01)
 cryoFORM Cryoablation Probe (CRYOF)
 cryoICE Cryoablation Probe (CRYO2)
 cryoICE Cryoablation Probe (CRYO3)
 CRYOS/CRYOL -CryoICE cryoSPHERE cryoablation probe (Released 2022-02)
 EML2, EMR2 - Isolator Synergy Clamp (Released 2023-09)-US
 EMT1 - AtriCure Isolator Synergy Ablation System (Released 2023-09)-US
 EPi-Sense ST Guided Coagulation Device IFU
 EPi-Sense ST Power Cord CSK-2060 IFU
 GPT100/GPT200/GPT300 - Glidepath Tape (Released 2021-11)
 Isolator Synergy Clamp (EML2, EMR2)
 MAX1 - Isolator Transpolar Pen (Released 2023-09)-US
 MCR1 - Coolrail Linear Pen (Released 2023-09) -US
 MLP1 - Isolator Linear Pen (Released 2023-09)-US
 Numeris Tethered Coagulation Device (CSK-025)
 OSH, OLH, GPM10 - Isolator Synergy EnCompass Clamp and Guide System (Released 2023-09)-US
 Subtle Cannula (CSK-6130)
 ClearView Atrial Depressor (400-005)
 Hercules 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm (401-161)
 Reusable Atrial Rake Accessory Attachments for Universal Stabilizer Arms
 Soft Tissue Atraumatic Retractor - STAR (400-210, 400-220, 400-230)
 Window Access Retractor SI System
 AtriClip FLEX•V Device (ACHV)
 CGG100 - AtriClip Gillinov-Cosgrove Selection Guide (Released 2020-12)
 CryoICE CRYO2 Cryoablation Probe IFU
 IFU- ACH1, ACH2, LAA, Domestic (Exclusion)
 PRO135/PRO140/PRO145/PRO150 - AtriClip LAA Exclusion System with preloaded Gillinov Cosgrove Clip- (Released 2019-11)- USA
 PRO235/PRO240/PRO245/PRO250 - AtriClip LAA Exclusion System with Preloaded Gillinove-Cosgrove Clip (Released 2021-11) Japan Only
 PROV35/PROV40/PROV45/PROV50 - AtriClip PRO-V LAA Exclusion System (Released 2022-05)
 Atrial Lift System
 Suture Catcher (340-7475)
 Tender LiV Care
 Tender LiV Care (TLC)
 30-06 - Lariat RS Suture Delivery Device (Released 2020-03)- US
 40-05 - FindrWIRZ (Released 2020-05)
 50-01 SureCUT (Released 2021-03)
 60-02 - SofTIP (Released 2022-01)-US
 TenSURE Suture Tightener
 EPi-Sense ST Patient Card

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