AtriClip PRO2 Device

Hoopless End Effector Simplifying Applicator Removal

Product Code(s)

  • PRO235 (35 mm)
  • PRO240 (40 mm)
  • PRO245 (45 mm)
  • PRO250 (50 mm)

Features Include:

  • Hoopless End Effector
  • Small Diameter End Effector (12 mm)
  • Active Articulation Levers

The AtriClip LAA Exclusion System is indicated for the exclusion of the heart’s left atrial appendage, performed under direct visualization and in conjunction with other cardiac surgical procedures. Direct visualization, in this context, requires that the surgeon is able to see the heart directly, with or without assistance from a camera, endoscope, etc., or other appropriate viewing technologies.

AtriClip Device

Instructions for Use

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