Isolator Transpolar Pen

Proven Unidirectional Lesion Formation

Product Code: MAX5, MAX1

The Isolator Transpolar Pen creates reliable transmural lesions at predictable depths.

  • Bipolar pen offered to both ablate cardiac tissue and evaluate conduction block.
  • Pace. Sense. Stimulate. Ablate. All with the same device.
  • Semi-rigid shaft provides stable contact with target epicardium yielding desired pressure when creating lesion.
  • “Pen-Point” accuracy delivers predictable energy for creating connecting lesions – where you want them, when you want them.
  • Toggle to locate and ablate triggers without repositioning.

The Isolator Transpolar Pen is intended to ablate cardiac tissues during cardiac surgery. For additional information, see the summary of the FDA's 510(k) clearance.


Instructions for Use