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Pain Management Education

AtriCure is passionate about educating healthcare professionals with updated and relevant information. Our goal is to provide HealthCare Providers (HCPs) with educational courses that will allow them to adapt to evolving products and techniques. The pain management courses are focused on helping practitioners expand their expertise in post-operative pain management and improving patient care after thoracic surgery. 

The Fellows and APP courses are designed to help HCPs further understand current analgesia standard of care, the importance of a multimodal strategy to treat post-operative pain, and Cryo Nerve Block's (cryoNB’s) role as a non-pharmacological / non-opioid tool that can last for several months. Attendees will leave with deeper knowledge into pain types, sources of pain for thoracic procedures, peripheral nerve anatomy, and the science behind cryoNB.


Thoracic Fellows Course

September 15-16 | Minneapolis, MN  

Course Description: 
This thoracic fellows course gives physicians a comprehensive learning experience focusing on incorporating Cryo Nerve Block therapy in thoracic surgery. This course provides the opportunity to review procedural tips & tricks, complex cases, Cryo Nerve Block therapy, and multi-modal best practices. This course includes both didactic and a hands-on cadaver lab led by highly experienced thoracic surgeons. 
At the conclusion of this course, attendees will be able to understand the principles of Cryo Nerve Block as part of Thoracic Surgery. Cryo Nerve Block is a procedure used to temporarily block nerve conduction along peripheral nerve pathways. The effects of Cyro Nerve Block are similar to the effect of local anesthetics; however, the therapy will last for several months during a patient’s recovery from thoracic surgery.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe cryoNB mechanism of action 
  • Understand procedural techniques related to application of Pain Management with cryoNB 
  • Review peripheral nerve anatomy and dermatomal distribution of the intercostal nerves 
  • Understand various pain pathways related to surgeries involving the chest wall including nociceptive, inflammatory, neuropathic, and bio-psycho-social pathways 
  • Recognize how cryoNB fits into to a multi-modal pain management protocol 
  • Review of cryoNB literature 
  • Describe post-operative complications related to pain in patients undergoing surgery involving the chest wall 

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Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Course: Postoperative Pain Management 

November 2-3 | Houston, TX

Course Description:
The Advanced Practice Provider plays a significant role in the care pathway of the patient undergoing thoracotomy procedures. They are especially involved with the patient’s postoperative pain management. This course is structured to help the attendee gain a deeper understanding into the current analgesia standard of care (SOC) and the strategies to help achieve postoperative pain relief, including Cryo Nerve Block (cryoNB) as an adjunct to a multimodal pain management approach. 

Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, RN Coordinators, and other Health Care Providers involved in post-thoracotomy pain management are welcome to attend. Participants will have an opportunity for interaction and group discussion. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the definition, prevalence, associated co-morbidities, and burden of pain in relation to thoracic surgery in the U.S. 
  • Identify the types of procedures and sources of pain for thoracic procedures in the U.S. 
  • Discuss the steps and options for post-op pain management after thoracic surgery. 
  • Define the science of cryoNB and the temporary disruption of nerve function for long-term post-op pain management. 
  • Understand the most common types of procedures and techniques where cryoNB therapy is utilized. 
  • Establish the benefits of a multi-modal pain management strategy. 

The course is designed to encourage attendee interaction and group discussion.

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  • Course: The Use of Cryo Nerve Block to Reduce Acute and Transitional Pain after Cardiothoracic Surgery
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