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Tissue variability and thickness are challenges for all technologies.1 While most technologies appear to create similar lesions on the surface, all lesions are not the same when viewed in cross-section.  In these instances, less than ideal lesion geometry, such as an hour glass, may be formed.2 These weak areas may be transmural initially, but they might also offer only short-term conduction block. For these reasons, AtriCure developed the Synergy Electrode Platform.

Unique Lesion Formation

A lesion is only as strong as it’s weakest link, or gap. Traditional Radio Frequency (RF) created a lesion from the surface towards the middle resulting in an hourglass shaped lesion. Synergy Bipolar utilizes dual electrodes with alternating and overlapping fields to form a lesion from the middle to the surface.  The result is a more robust and wider column shaped lesion.

Consistent Tissue Compression

Complete and consistent tissue contact leads to even and consistent energy delivery. Too little pressure and contact leads to weak energy delivery and incomplete lesions. Too much pressure and contact leads to overdosing of energy and perforations. Synergy’s stainless steel shaft and jaws maintain consistent tissue pressure and precise electrode alignment across the entire length of the jaws. Consistent pressure and precise alignment ensures a perfectly formed column shaped lesion regardless of where the tissue is positioned within the jaws.

Efficient Energy Delivery

A lesion must be custom made to the tissue. The Synergy Bipolar device utilizes a Dynamic monitoring algorithm that measures the tissues’ response to RF delivery 50 times per second. The system responds to specific tissue properties and adjusts the energy output and time accordingly.  The result is a custom made column shaped lesion specific to a tissues’ length, width, and composition. The graph below displays different ablation graphs of power and time based on the specific requirements of individual tissue composition and thickness.

AtriCure - Continuous Monitoring = Customized Real-Time Ablations


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