AtriCure's Commitment to Innovate

Using our proprietary technologies, AtriCure® has developed a family of products and cardiovascular devices that include: cardiac ablation devices used for procedures treating those suffering from Atrial Fibrillation; Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion devices used for occluding the Left Atrial Appendage, which is the origination site for most stroke causing emboli in patients with AF; and intraoperative testing equipment. 

Cardiac Ablation

The forward-thinking cardiac ablation devices developed by AtriCure® provide unparalleled experience in ergonomics and the creation of robust transmural lesions during the ablation of cardiac tissue during surgery. AtriCure’s Isolator® SynergyTM Ablation System is the only FDA-approved surgical device for the treatment of persistent atrial fibrillation and longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation.

Other products include the Bipolar/Bidirectional RF Clamps, Bipolar Unidirectional RF Pens and Rails, and Cryoablation, representing an extensive portfolio to satisfy all cardiac ablation needs. 

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Left Atrial

AtriCure’s AtriClip® Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion System is the most widely implanted LAA occlusion device in the world and it is a complete LAA occlusion solution. In clinical studies the AtriClip securely sealed the left atrial appendage orifice within 90 days. The AtriClip suite of products includes the Pro, long and standard deployment systems for maximum versatility. 

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Maze Procedure

Find consistent success with Maze IV procedures when you use AtriCure’s testing devices. Our innovative ORLabTM EP Stimulator / Recorder System and Isolator® multifunctional pens put control of intra-operative testing and pacing in your hands. 

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Soft Tissue

Soft tissue dissection is easily managed with the Lumitip dissector. Its finger-like curve is strategically designed to be an extension of the surgeon’s hand and to provide tactile feedback. 

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